XML:DB Projects

Working Groups are established by the Project Management Committee (PMC) to develop XML:DB proposals/recommendations for review and approval. Current projects under development by the XML:DB initiative.

General Discussion

The general discussion list is not really a "project" but it is the heart of the XML:DB initiative. It is here that people meet to discuss all items of general interest to the XML database community. The list is a vendor neutral open forum and discussion of any topic related to XML database technology and standards is acceptable and encouraged.

The list is not intended for product marketing. However, posting of product announcements is acceptable if you follow some simple guidelines.

  1. The subject line of the message contains the term [Announce] at the start of the line.
  2. The product being announced is of direct interest to the XML database community.
  3. The contents of the message describe what the product is, why it is of interest to the XML:DB community and provides a link to find more information.
  4. If the announcement is for an update to an existing product the message should contain a description of what has changed in the new version.
  5. This is a technical list so the message should specify what is interesting from a technical perspective. Marketing hype is not welcome.

Mailing List (459 subscribers on March 18, 2003):

XML Database API

The XML Database API Project is intended to develop an unique programming interface for XML Databases.

Project Page: XML Database API Working Group

Mailing List (161 subscribers on March 18, 2003):

XUpdate - XML Update Language

The XUpdate Project is intended to specify an Update Language for XML Documents.

Project Page: XUpdate Working Group

Mailing List (120 subscribers on March 18, 2003):

SiXDML - Simple XML Manipulation Language

SiXDML was designed to create a common syntax and semantics for performing tasks most often required of XML repositories. SiXDML consists of two parts; a data definition and manipulation language inspired by SQL and an application programming interface based on the XML:DB Database API.

Project Page: SiXDML Working Group

Mailing List (45 subscribers on March 18, 2003):

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CVS Repositories

Anyone who is interested can checkout source code from our anonymous CVS server. To do so, simply use the following commands (if you are using a GUI CVS client, configure it appropriately):

 cvs -d login 
 password: anoncvs 
 cvs -d checkout [module-name] 

Modules available for access are:

  • xmldb
  • xmldb/xapi
  • xmldb/xupdate
  • xmldb/sixdml

CVS Commit List:

Potential Projects

This section contains links to specifications that XML:DB members are working on outside of XML:DB projects. These specifications have not been formally endorsed or accepted into the XML:DB Initiative. The owners of the specifications are willing to contribute them to the XML:DB Initiative because the technology relates to the overall themes of XML Databases and Repositories. Please feel free to post your feedback on whether these specifications should be included in the XML:DB Initiative via the general XML:DB discussion forum. Feedback on the specifications themselves should be directed to the originators of the work.

XML Access Control

The idea is that a DOM implementation (or other interface) might restrict access to parts of a document depending on <AC:access-control /> entries. This specification provides for access control "realms", and "entities" which can map to either user/group access or role based access. XML Access Control is a specification by Jonathan Borden.

See the specification on the following site:

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