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These pages link to resources on the Web relating to XML-related standards efforts in the database industry, general derivative industry-related information, and XML background information.

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Articles and Papers

AmbySoft O-R mapping pageScott W. AmblerOctober, 2000A collection of links about object-relational mappings.
An Exporation of XML in Database Management SystemsDare ObasanjoOctober, 2001A general overview of XML data management technologies.
Find a home for your XML dataMark Leon30 March, 2001A brief discussion about the influence of XML database on application development and the future chances of XML databases.
From MARC to XML DatabaseKevin Clarke2001A summary of a presentation discussing the experiences of the Medlane/XMLMARC project while exploring XML databases to store MARC data.
Introduction to Native XML DatabasesKimbro StakenOctober, 2001Provides an overview of native XML database features.
Mapping Objects To Relational DatabasesScott W. AmblerOctober, 2000An excellent paper on object-relational mappings, which are used in an object-relational mapping of XML documents to relational databases.
On Database Theory and XMLDan SuciuSeptember, 2001Discusses the state of database theory and explores some possible research areas in the XML space.
Putting XML in context with hierarchical, relational, and object-oriented modelsDavid MertzApril, 2001A description of the differences between hierarchical, relational, and object-oriented databases, with a brief discussion of how XML relates to each.
QL'98 - Position Papers  List of links to papers presented at the 1998 XML query languages workshop.
Ronald Bourret's Papers and Presentations' pageRonald Bourret A collection of papers and presentations on a variety of XML/database subjects, including a list of more than 70 products for using XML and databases.
Teamgeist: Entwicklung neuer Standards für XML-DatenbankenLars MartinApril, 2001Stock-taking of the various possibilities to integrate XML with Databases. Introducing the XML:DB Initiative. In German.
<?xml?> and Databases  A collection of papers about XML and databases. In English and German.
XML APIs for databasesRamnivas LaddadJanuary, 2000Describes how to implement SAX and DOM over result sets. Includes source code.
XML Databases and Persistences EnginesZapthinkSeptember, 2001Analyst market research report covering XML database software. Zapthink reports are commercial products.
XML Data Servers: An Infrastructure for Effectively Using XML in Electronic CommerceDoug Barry A white paper discussing XML, databases, and how they work together. COST: US$595
XML Enters the DBMS ArenaEdmund X. DeJesus30 October, 2000A high-level discussion about XML and databases, focusing on the difference between native XML databases and XML add-ons to existing databases.
XML-Native DatabasesDavid F. CarrJuly 15, 2001A discussion of native XML databases.
XML representation of a relational database  A brief description of how to model tables in an XML document.
XML Structures for Existing Databases: Eleven rules for moving a relational database to XMLKevin Williams, et. al.January, 2001An overview of the issues involved in exposing relational data as XML. From the Wrox Press Book 'Professional XML Databases'.
XQuery: Reinventing the Wheel?Evan Lenz A discussion of the overlap in functionality between XSLT and XQuery.

Mailing Lists

XML:DB Mailing ListsXML:DB Initiative Information on joining the xmldb (general discussion of XML and databases), xapi-dev (development of an XML database API), and xupdate-dev (development of an XML update language) mailing lists.


Building Oracle XML ApplicationsSteve MuenchOctober, 2000An in-depth look at how to use XML with Oracle 8i. Written by Oracle's XML evangelist.
Data on the Web : From Relations to Semistructured Data and XMLAbiteboul, Suciu, BunemanOctober, 1999A discussion of semi-structured databases, especially as they relate to XML.
Open Source XML Database Toolkit: Resources and Techniques for Improved DevelopmentLiam QuinJuly, 2000A discussion of Open Source tools that you can use to integrate XML and databases. Also discusses some popular commercial tools.
Oracle XML HandbookChang, et alMay, 2000An in-depth look at how to use XML with Oracle 8i. From Oracle Press.
Professional Oracle 8i Application Programming with Java, PL/SQL and XMLAwai, et alDecember, 2000Yet another look at how to use XML with Oracle 8i. From WROX.
Professional XML DatabasesWrox Author TeamDecember, 2000A broad compendium on integrating XML into relational data source strategies.


XMach-1: A Benchmark for XML Data ManagementTimo Boehme and Erhard Rahm A benchmark for native XML databases and XML-enabled databases.
XMark: The XML benchmark projectR. Busse, M. Carey, D. Florescu, M. Kersten, I. Manolescu, A. Schmidt, F. Waas A benchmark suite that allows users and developers to gain insights into the characteristics of their XML repositories.

XML / Database Tools Pages

Computers: Data Formats: Markup Languages: XML: Tools: Databases  A collection of links to tools for using XML with databases.
Free XML tools and softwareLars Marius Garshol A collection of links to free XML software, including content management systems and data transfer middleware.
Oasis: XML and DatabasesRobin Cover References to resources on XML and Databases Tools and Software  A collection of links to XML software, including native XML databases and search engines. Resource GuideLisa Rein A collection of links to XML software, including XML-enabled databases, native XML databases, content management systems, and data transfer middleware.
XMLSOFTWAREJames Tauber A collection of links to XML software, including XML-enabled databases, native XML databases, content management systems, and data transfer middleware.

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